A story to tell, how craftsmanship has turned into industry.

The Box Line box factory

The Box Line box factory was born in Naples, collecting the technical and professional legacy of the Passaro box factory founded in 1946. Strong of decades of experience in the production of packaging. Today the company is able to satisfy numerous packaging sectors: food (for example, the boxes for sweets), leather goods, shirts, clothing and paper converting.

The box factory, thanks to the experience of its technicians and its high knowledge in the field, is a national reference point for the production of food packaging.
The mission is to offer our customers an excellent service aimed at optimizing the product through strong innovation, maximum quality and impeccable professionalism.

scatola per porta paste

Each product has its own box.

The importance of packaging

Over seventy years of experience in the box manufacturing sector have taught us that for any business, packaging has become as important as the product it contains. It is for this reason that the Box Line box factory has become a reference point for different types of companies, with its heterogeneous catalog of wholesale boxes.

We focus our business on making boxes for sweets and boxes for clothing or shoes, but we also make wedding favors, boxes for take-away food or for fashion accessories and perfumes.
By choosing Box Line you enhance your products with classy packaging!

Efficiency, quality, design: this is how we give shape to your ideas and boxes.


The continuous search for new materials combined with increasingly innovative techniques allow the company to offer an increasingly avant-garde product that is no longer considered as a simple “box” but as a real design object.

The Box Line box factory supports the customer in every phase; offers a design in close contact with it through the proposal of multiple graphic solutions with prototype creations that offer the best aesthetic-functional solution.

Handcrafted boxes


The optimization of the production process guarantees the company to constantly follow the evolution of the market and a perfection in the quality of the product.

The Box Line box factory has always invested in experienced staff and increasingly advanced technologies that allow the use of any type of paper and cardboard. Latest generation machines provide for printing, die-cutting, coating, gluing and packaging.

The large area dedicated to the warehouse allows a storage service to the customer able to process orders in the shortest possible time.

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