Boxes for pastries

The cake boxes are a main product to best present your cakes, panettone and colombe.

Good food and refined gastronomy are among the main pleasures of life, and in them are enclosed, in a sector that has a history in itself, sweets and baked confectionery products. At the end of a meal, but also to crown and emphasize a moment of relaxation or a celebration, the role of desserts and pastries is undoubtedly central!

Personalized cake boxes

Much more than for other food products, the very nature of sweets obliges them to be presented in an engaging way, with packaging or wrapping that make the product unique and enhance it even more.

It is a precise marketing strategy linked to the image of the company itself, which blends content and container together and which must meet specific design criteria when the goal is recognition! The casing has in fact become an integral part of any product, no longer a simple added value but a structural element, indispensable for breaking into the market!

Boxes for colombe

Our business is not limited to generic pastry boxes, because we have diversified our offer not only on the basis of specific periods of the year and therefore on periodic occasions, but also considering all the main typical sweets, as in the case of Easter doves. Atypical dessert par excellence due to its unusual shape, therefore it needs specific boxes for doves able to optimally contain the characteristic shape, protecting it from shocks and at the same time preserving its authenticity and freshness!

Boxes for Easter colombe

Sweet symbol of rebirth and regeneration par excellence, the Easter dove is a baked product with a peculiar shape and unlike any other dessert, and needs a suitable wrapping able to protect it but at the same time to enhance its genuine craftsmanship.
It is a purely seasonal product, and due to its characteristic shape the dove needs a box large enough to contain it in an optimal way, also to protect it from bumps during transport.

Our production of boxes dedicated to sweets and pastries, extremely rich and composite, includes for this reason also a special line dedicated to boxes for Easter doves.
The Boxline box factory therefore produces different types of boxes for this dessert, ensuring an always original and customizable packaging and of course capable of guaranteeing hygiene and strength at the same time.

Boxes for panettone

The Christmas and New Year holidays always turn out to be a race for those who manage to surprise more and better with their choices and gifts, not only with regard to gifts but often also in reference to “gifts” and culinary contributions for the table.
The most fitting example is represented by the “king” of Christmas sweets, the panettone!

Boxes for artisan panettone

Those who love to pay homage and be remembered keep away from cheap commercial proposals and turn to renowned pastry shops and their artisan creations. They certainly gain the palate, but also the personal satisfaction and prestige with which it presents itself!
Such a product deserves to be presented in the package that best enhances its originality, with a festive packaging and original design, always in the wake of that inseparable combination of content and packaging.

In fact, all the latest trends of those who spend are increasingly oriented to choose with extreme attention, evaluating their purchase as a whole: an original, well-finished package with an intriguing design stimulates curiosity and instills confidence!